The secret of the Toastmasters educational program is its 3-pronged approach of education, opportunity, and feedback. The opportunity to speak and the feedback happens in the meeting but the education component is found in the Pathways Program.
The Navigator will help guide you on your Toastmasters journey.The Navigator manual

Follow these steps to start your Pathways journey today:

1. Go to

2. Click ‘log in’

3. Enter your email address

4. Click ‘Forgot password’

5. Use the login details emailed to you to log into the website.

6. Go to your Profile

7. Click ‘Choose a Path’

8. Your first digital online Path is covered in your joining fees; subsequent Paths cost $20. You have the option of buying a printed version of your Path for $25

9. Click ‘View all Path options’ or you can first take the ‘Online assessment’. (Note: you don’t have to choose the Path that the assessment suggests)

10. Choose your Path.  To help understand this process, watch this short video.

To start your Path:

1. Go back to the Home page

2. Go to your Profile

3. Click ‘Go to Base Camp’

4. See box headed ‘My Education Transcript’, click ‘Launch’ beside your chosen Path.

5. Follow the instructions to work through the educational material and find your next speech project.

6. Once you complete the project go back into this section and do the ‘After Quiz’.

7. Do the Level completion module so you can move on to the next Level. There could be a delay before the next Level opens as it has to be approved by a Base Camp Manager.

Pathways flier

To keep a record of your progress, use this checklist: Pathways_Level_Completion_Checklist

For detailed information on the Paths and Levels:

Paths & Projects Matrix to help you decide on a Path: