• * Alpha members celebrating our final Zoom meeting. As of Monday 15th June we will be returning to Club Charlestown.
    Alpha Toastmasters final Zoom meeting.

    Alpha Toastmasters final Zoom meeting

    * Congratulations to the newly elected 2020-2021 Executive Committee: President Rita Davis, VPE Tom Wilde, VPM Janelle Crawley, VPPR Annette Roberts, Secretary Adam Andresen, Treasurer & SAA Duncan Sandie.
    * Congratulations to Janelle Crawley on achieving Level 4 in the Effective Coaching Path.
    * Congratulations to Annette Roberts on achieving Level 5 in the Effective Coaching Path.
    * Congratulations to Alpha on achieving all 10 goals in the 2019/2020 Distinguished Club Program to again achieve Presidents Distinguished Club status.
    * Here is what Past District Governor, Philip Bendeich had to say about Alpha and the DCP the award: “Since the inception of the Distinguished Club Plan (DCP) Toastmaster Clubs around the world have been challenged to achieve the 10 goals year in, year out. To date, only several clubs in District 70 have completed the goal for at least 10 consecutive years. Among them are the standout clubs in different Divisions, Alpha (Eastern), Dee Why RSL (Hawkesbury), Burwood (Phillip) and Parramatta (Western). These clubs, and the members that belong to them, remain the outstanding contributors to the mission and values of Toastmasters International; to serve the members with integrity.”
    * Praise from Past District Governor, Jan Vecchio: “Alpha Club, what a club!! One of the top clubs in the world with a history of 10/10 in the DCP for at least 6 years and possibly more. Achieving more than the minimum educational awards and simply doing it right, year after year. Must be the club culture! Congratulations to a champion Toastmasters Club.”
    * And praise from Michael Said, Past District 90 Director:  “Alpha, Parramatta, Dee Why, Balgowlah and Dundas Toastmaster Clubs are the only clubs in District 90 to have achieved 10/10 for 10  years or more. In actual fact, there are only 39 Toastmasters clubs in the world to have achieved 10/10 for 12 years or more, and 5 of them are from District 90. A massive congratulations to you all.”
    * Alpha Toastmasters Club is now on social media: